During the summer of 2015, I was a communications intern for the Environmental Defense Fund's (EDF) Ecosystems Team in Washington, D.C. 



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EDF is an environmental non-profit organization that works with people and groups across the political spectrum and partners with businesses to turn ideas into lasting change. EDF is very large, with about 500 employees across major U.S. cities and several continents. I worked with people throughout the organization but primarily with those located in Washington, D.C., New York City and San Francisco.

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Environmental Defense Fund


Below are some of my major professional accomplishments while working at EDF, followed by my key responsibilities and some of the work I produced. 






While I was at EDF, our Twitter had a huge spike in the total number of impressions (number of times users saw the tweet on Twitter), engagements (total number of times a user interacted with the tweet), followers and more. This spike was attributed to my implementation of graphics, increasing follower engagement, continuous tweeting and other new strategies.


During this time, the number of followers for our team Twitter increased from ~400 to ~950. 


Below is a screenshot of our Twitter Analytics (a tool offered by Twitter that monitors account activity) for the month of July. 

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Lunch N' Learn

Because of my past experience in the agriculture industry, I introduced my supervisors to an agriculture intern networking group and then organized a networking lunch and presentation at our office for about 40 people from dozens of agriculture organizations.


I was responsible for all aspects of the event including creating the invitation, inviting attendees, creating the presentation, ordering the food, finding the funds to pay for everything and more.


This was the first time EDF ever held a networking lunch and presentation for agriculture organizations, and due to the success of this one, EDF plans to make this an annual event. 


Click through the slideshow below to see pictures from the Lunch N' Learn.

Growing Returns Blog

During this time, I also published several blogs. My first blog became our team's top blog for the year within the first week, with ~780 pageviews (as of July 2015). 


I was able to track the success of my blog through Google Analytics -- a site that helps businesses target marketing techniques on websites and social media in efficient ways.


Below are our images from Google Analytics that show the total pageviews and where some of the traffic for my blog came from.


I was responsible for creating blog and website promotional graphics for Twitter and other social media. Click through the slideshow below to see some graphics I created for our Twitter.


I was responsible for managing my team's Twitter, @GrowingReturns.


I also helped research, write, maintain and develop our team's blog posts found at edf.org/GrowingReturns.

 Reporter/General Research 

I researched hundreds of reporters and topics, and relayed key information to different

teams at EDF.

Media Tracking  

Everyday I was responsible for tracking important news that would be beneficial to different teams at EDF, and then distributing news summaries with links to the teams.


I assisted in creating various newsletters that went out to many different groups of people, ranging from farmers to EDF staff members. 

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