As a requirement by JMU for my internship, my supervisor was instructed to complete a midterm evaluation of my performance with me and I had to complete a midterm self-evaluation. We were also required to complete these same evaluations again at the end of my internship. These evaluations were meant to be a time to discuss my performance and highlight areas that I excelled in or needed to improve. It was extremely helpful to get feedback and have a chance to voice my opinions regarding the internship as well. This led to an outstanding and productive internship, not only for me, but also for my EDF supervisor. These evaluations are shown below in the order they were completed. 





Supervisor Evaluation

Midterm Evaluations

Final Evaluations

Below are examples of the feedback I received from my team for my work at EDF, followed by evaluations completed by my supervisor and myself regarding my overall internship performance. 





Below is a portion of our monthly newsletter called "Roundup" that summarizes all of the great things the Ecosystems Team at EDF has accomplished each month. I am featured (highlighted in yellow) for one of my blog's outstanding performance and my self-promotions that drove a lot of the traffic.

"You are doing a fantastic job.  You are very speedy, thorough and proactive, and not afraid to ask questions – all really important!"
-Cristina Mestre, EDF Communications Manager, in response to my request for a quick evaluation of my work at the beginning of the internship.
"Let me echo Cristina's thanks! Getting visibility to this blog is really important to our relationship with USDA on a variety of levels. They really appreciated the tweets and retweets on it."
-Robert Parkhurst, EDF Agriculture Greenhouse Gas Markets Director, in response to tweet interactions and mutual blog promotions between our Twitter and USDA's Twitter.



"This is fabulous! Congratulations!! I also like the pullouts you have been doing. I think they really help to strengthen our messages."
-Robert Parkhurst, EDF Agriculture Greenhouse Gas Markets Director, in response to the Digital Marketing Weekly article (above).


"Nice work!"
-David Festa, EDF Vice President, in response to the Digital Marketing Weekly article (above).


"Peyton contributed greatly to our team dynamic. She took on work outside of her job description to assist teammates, taught teammates new skills and tools that she learned, and contributed valuable insights to group discussions and strategy."
"Peyton exhibited so many strengths, including but not limited to her ability to take direction, pay attention to detail, prioritize her work, ask the right questions, contribute to strategy and discussion, learn new tools, teach others, and be a great team player. She wrote two thoughtful blogs, helped publish and promote several blogs, increased our twitter following, created successful graphics for social media, delivered thoughtful research on key topics, and helped implement our communications plans."
-Chandler Clay, EDF Communications Manager and my supervisor, in response to questions in an EDF intern evaluation form.

Below is an EDF article written and shared internally that's meant to highlight the successes of different teams. This specific article is a part of EDF's Digital Marketing Weekly series and highlights the success of the graphics I created for my team's Twitter, Growing Returns. The graphics I created and shared not only increased our engagements but also helped us gain hundreds of followers. 

Supervisor Evaluation



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