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​25 Things For Your D.C. Summer Bucket List

May 2, 2017

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And so the adventure begins

May 10, 2016

Wednesday, May 11th/7pm US-time:


After arriving to the airport in DC a solid three hours early, unpacking enough stuff from my bad to get it under 50lbs aka the checked-bag limit (I got it to 49lbs on my first unpacking try woohoo that's talent), grabbing lunch with my parents & boyfriend, crying profusely during "goodbyes," & catching my connector to NC, I AM FINALLY ON THE WAY TO SPAIN! 

I couldn't be more excited. Except ya know, currently writing this while eating airplane food that's packaged like cat food & kinda tastes like cat food too... please don't ask how I know that. BUT DON'T WORRY, I'll be in Spain eating some yumlicius food in no time (well, this was my internal thought process anyway as I tried to swallow the airplane "chicken" - I hope). Yay Spain, yay I'll be legal for some dranks (I gave you fair warning, mom), yay life woohoo! 


Alright! Time to force myself to sleep even though it's only 7pm so jet lag doesn't kill me. More updates to come soon. Peace, blessings, & Spain (let's pretend that works). 



Gossip Peyton 


Jk Hasta la Vista baby


Jk(^2) lets go with JUST "Sincerely, Peyton"


*Update @ 8-10:30pm(ish): ITS SO HARD TO SLEEP ON PLANES!!!! 


*Update @ 11:30pm: somehow managed to fall asleep BUT, the entire plane was woken up to eat breakfast.... yes, breakfast because the time in our new home is 5:30am :-). Jet lag is already hitting H A R D. Picture below is me when I woke up... I know - super cute. Also, it's a pretty accurate depiction of how I was feeling. 

PS: it's now Thursday & I'm confused about time zones.


Random-long-plane-ride-appreciation-comment: Pretty awesome that I watched the sunset & sunrise on the same plane ride!!!



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