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May 2, 2017

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Class, adventures, food, repeat

June 14, 2016

Andalusia is defined as "to walk easy," but if you look at my weekend as a whole, walking probably five miles in 100 degree weather each day, I'd say it was anything but easy. That is alright with me though because my few days in Andalusia, the most southern region of Spain, were some of my favorite I've had yet. As I've done before, I'm going to outline my time there.






We left for our first destination in Andalusia - Granada. This bus ride was about 9 hours all together including a few stops, but I was able to sleep the majority of the way so it felt much shorter. 




We arrived at the Alhambra, a historical Muslim location. The views made up for the 100 degree weather: 




We got to our first hotel in Granada and decided to go to the pool even if we only have about 20 minutes worth of time before dinner. It was F-U-N and the pool is always worth it. 




We went to a flamenco show, which was amazing! It is my dream to be able to move my hips and feet fast enough to come anywhere close to their dancing talents (actually it's really my dream to be able to move to a beat in any given song but I suppose I can have (and need) more than one). 




We attempted to grab a casual drink out but all the bars near our hotel were closing for the night, so I decided to do what's worked best and I made friends with locals and we found a great bar to hang out in! Mango mojitos are delicious.  






We headed to the Cathedral and Royal Chapel in Granada, and were able to see where Royal queens and kings were buried. 




We left Granada and drove to Córdoba. I've been to Córdoba before, about ten years ago when I was ten, but of course, I didn't remember anything. 




After eating lunch and wandering for a little, we toured the Córdoba Mosque. It was beautiful:




After the tour, we quickly hopped onto the bus again and headed to our next stop - Sevilla. I'd really been looking forward to Sevilla because one of my best friends spent her summer there last year and fell in love. Because of this, I knew it'd have a lot of great things to offer - to which it definitely didn't disappoint. 




After grabbing dinner in our hotel, we decided to adventure out into the main part of Sevilla. After a few failed attempts at finding a place to hang out by our hotel, we hailed a taxi and quickly quizzed the driver on the best nightlife in the town. Apparently, anything by the river in Sevilla is amazing so, that's where I told everyone to have their taxis drop them off. The nightlife was promising but we were all failing to commit to anywhere specific. In turn, the night out turned into a night of wandering Sevilla streets - this would've probably been a negative but I found several Starbucks so it was 100% worth the hours of roaming. 






Like any good addict, I woke up craving my true love - Starbucks. Since the majority of people my age don't wake up at 7 in the morning, nor do they function on 3 hours of sleep (as I was), I decided to make the 30 minute trek to Starbucks alone. Of course I stayed on all of the main roads and made sure a few people knew where I was going (you're welcome, parents), but the walk took so long to get there, I ended up grabbing a taxi back to the hotel to enjoy my Venti Vanilla Chai Latte in the comfort of our fancy hotel lobby.




We left the hotel and headed to our first stop of the day - Plaza de España. The pictures tell it all, except for the fact that parts of a Star Wars movie was filmed here... no big deal.




We visited where the most famous kings and queens of Spain were buried and unfortunately were not allowed to take pictures. After this we grabbed a quick lunch before touring the Sevilla's Cathedral, where the supposed tombs of Christopher Columbus and his son are buried (supposedly because there is dispute about the remains and their authenticity). Here we were allowed to take pictures so I took full advantage: 




We were freed from our reigns and left to explore for the rest of the day. Of course, I spent most of my afternoon at the hotel pool.




We ACTUALLY found a place on our own, without too much help from locals, and got inside a nice bar for a night of dancing. 




I finally decided to go to bed. 






Unfortunately I needed at least an hour and a half of sleep so I wasn't able to trek to Starbucks butttttt, it was okay because the hotel breakfast was to-die-for. 




Following breakfast, we headed north to Merida to visit a Roman amphitheater. Once we finished the tour, we grabbed lunch and hit the road back to Salamanca. 




I arrived back in Salamanca.


Now, I have my last week of classes before finals begin next Monday. This upcoming weekend, I'll be traveling to Madrid again and I couldn't be more excited! Thanks for a great weekend Andalusia. 

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