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​25 Things For Your D.C. Summer Bucket List

May 2, 2017

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10 Thoughts We All Have After Thanksgiving Break

November 28, 2016

Wait, so we don't get to avoid responsibilities forever?

Another Thanksgiving break has come and gone. Your stomach is as full as ever. You've slept at least 10 hours every night. You caught up with your hometown friends. You got to see your crazy aunt that asked about your relationship status one too many times. You avoided every single ounce of responsibility. Now, you're back at school and these 10 thoughts hit you:


1. Did a week seriously pass already?


Surprise! Break's over. I swear I was just packing my suitcase, making plans to hang out with my friends from home, dreaming about all of the pie I was going to eat. Is this real life?

2. Wow, I missed my friends so much


After catching up with my friends from home, I realize how much I missed them all. At the same time, I missed my friends from school. I missed all of my friends. I even missed these friends:

 3. Back to independence



Woohoo! I'm finally out of my parents house again and no one can tell me to wear pants anymore. But, then I realize back to independence means back to responsibilities. How about no.

 4. Wow, I miss my parents already



I miss them cooking food for me. I miss them driving me around. I miss them doing my laundry. I miss them being my alarm clock. Oh, I miss their personalities too...

 5. Can I get a home cooked meal… please?



When I say home cooked meal though, I mean something other than Thanksgiving leftovers. My weight in turkey, mashed potatoes, pie, etc. was good for the first time around, not for the entire month after.

 6. I actually have to set an alarm?



And I repeat: How about no.

 7. School… can you not



Homework, school, classes... yeah, life was much better when all I had to worry about was how much food I could physically fit into my stomach without getting sick or if I had enough time in the day to binge-watch an entire series on Netflix.

 8. Time to hit the gym


After eating a boatload and a half of food (mostly pie) over break, I have to work out five hours every single day for the rest of my life. Or, I can just wait until I make "working out" my New Year's resolution. Yep, definitely waiting.

 9. I'm going to avoid responsibilities until the very last second


It’s not like I had all of break or anything…

 10. Counting down the days until winter break


T-minus 3 weeks/19 days/456 hours/27,360 minutes/1,641,600 seconds until winter break. But who's counting?





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