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​25 Things For Your D.C. Summer Bucket List

May 2, 2017

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15 Signs You Grew Up In Arlington

December 11, 2016

Growing up in Arlington, Virginia is like growing up in another world. There's no place quite like it

From the diverse population, unique opportunities, and great schools, Arlington, Virginia is a world of its own. There's no place quite like this wonderful mix of big city and small town, and that's why everyone who's from here loves it. Here are a few signs you grew up in one of the best places to live in America:


1. You tell everyone you’re from Washington, D.C.

You don’t want anyone to think you’re a “Virginian.” Plus, if you erase the three miles between your house and the White House, Obama is practically your next-door neighbor. We all are working towards that Obama-Biden type of relationship.


2. You use “lit,” “bet,” “I’m weak” daily

When you use them around people not from the area, it’s like you’re speaking a foreign language, but really, even your mom knows what "lit" means.


3. You went to one of the nation’s best high schools

Whether you went to Wakefield, Yorktown, Washington-Lee or HB Woodlawn, you definitely received one of the best educations in the U.S.


4. You dress like you’re going to the club but you just drive around Georgetown instead.

We’ve all had “photoshoots,” or been to that one rock in Georgetown, don’t even try to deny it.


5. You follow the Capitals/Nationals/Redskins/Wizards religiously

Yes, we all know where half of the Caps, Nats, and ‘Skins players live. Some of them are even our next-door neighbors.


6. You instantly know who lives here and who doesn’t

The middle school mobs that take over Pentagon City Mall with the neon “I <3 DC” shirts might possibly give it away. You’ll never catch groups of locals riding Segways, throwing up peace signs in every picture, or wearing lanyards, snapbacks, and matching outfits.

7. You know there’s a difference in traffic when you leave your house at 7:00am vs. traffic when your house at 7:01am

You get used to moving one mile in 30 minutes, and you always feed "#blessed" when you get anywhere faster.


8. It snows one-fourth of an inch and you already know school will get canceled.

But you also know that Arlington will be the absolutely last county, on planet Earth, to call it.


9. When you’re driving and see someone pulled over by five police cars and know it’s just a routine stop

The county is so safe that if 20 cops didn’t pull over one little grandma for driving too slowly down Glebe, they’d have nothing to do.


10. When 80% of your friends went to either VCU, UVA, VT or JMU

Let’s be real, you probably go (or went) to one of those schools too.


11. You have a story about getting lost in Anacostia

Oh… good times…

12. You know that Bob and Edith’s Diner is the only place to go for a late-night meal

Nothing bets cheap and yummy. Nothing.


13. You didn’t start calling Northern Virginia “NOVA” before you went to college

NOVA was always (and always will be) the community college. Remember, we’re from D.C., not “Northern Virginia.”


14. Metro is your hero (sometimes)

Having the ability to travel into D.C., Maryland, or further south in Virginia anytime you want is so nice… as long as the trains actually show up.


15. You’re thankful to have grown up in one of the best places in America

If there’s anything you’re truly thankful for, it’s that you had the opportunity to grow up in such a great city, filled with opportunity and fun.











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