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May 2, 2017

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4 Huge Ways GoPro Empowers Its Users

February 6, 2017

GoPro makes your 15 minutes of fame a reality.


As we kick off digital/social media marketing in 2017, there is one thing that hasn’t changed: video is king. With search and social’s competitiveness increasing, brands are dedicating more resources to video content marketing than ever before. As the easiest way to reach audiences and direct them to desired actions, video content marketing is something everybody wants in on. Developing a strategy to get the most out of content in an authentic and engaging way is a difficult task, and GoPro runs one of best strategies in the game.

 GoPro, the maker of the world’s most versatile cameras, has an inherent advantage when it comes to creating authentic video content. The California-based company has mastered the art of video by harnessing the power of user-generated content (UGC) on its website and YouTube channel. How does GoPro do it?


They make it easy.

GoPro provides an entire toolbox of tips for customers to make professional videos using its product and then teaches them how to share their videos on multiple social sites. Whether a tourist attaches his GoPro to the end of a selfie stick or a professional skydiver mounts it to her helmet, GoPro makes it clear that its customers, at any skill level, are valued. When brands empower users by providing simple tools and channels for their use, UGC will come flying in... sometimes literally.


They use the best channel for their content. 

GoPro was fortunate enough to have the best channel for its content, YouTube, perfectly suited to the product it offers. With more than 4.5 million subscribers on YouTube, GoPro is one of the top brands on the video site with continuously high levels of video views, likes and shares, among other factors. It’s clear that GoPro and YouTube fit perfectly together, and that’s why the company continues to use the social media service as its principal channel to display UGC.


They've created a product that customers are enthusiastic about.

GoPro’s users love the product so much because the brand emphasizes experience and share over the shop. Customers see (and occasionally reap) the benefits of using the video cameras and sharing their videos, leading to an increase in engagement and brand loyalty. If audiences love the product, they will be eager to take over the brand’s promotions. Plus, everyone wants their 15 minutes of fame and GoPro builds the dream of having just that.


They invest in users.

GoPro’s product, a video camera, is literally a content creation machine. GoPro is well aware of this and receives the many benefits of UGC that are created every day. The company encourages users to submit their videos (sometimes thousands of GoPro-tagged videos are uploaded each day) and chooses the best ones to promote on its website.


Other brands can take a few pages from GoPro’s playbook by ensuring products are simple, designed for users at any level and promoted on the best channel. If a brand can tie customer passions to its product, results will be out of this world


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