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My desire to become more knowledgable and learn about a wide variety of subjects keeps me constantly searching for new ideas and opportunities to better understand the world around me. This manifests itself in my strong interest in exposing myself to diverse experiences and travel.
Through the privelege of studying abroad in Salamanca, Spain during the summer of 2016, I had the opportunity to directly learn about and participate in many new cultural experiences with an array of people. 
For instance, during the two months I was in Spain, I lived with a host family - providing me with the traditional Spanish experience through the foods we ate, times we were awake and functional (much later at night than I was used to), activities we were invovled in, and events we discussed. I was also lucky enough to travel to almost all major regions in Spain and to several regions in Portugal, allowing me to see almost all aspects of both countries. 
Other ways I grew while in Europe were that I developed a more diverse and knowledgable worldview, grew my Spanish language and communication skills, strengthened my ability to motivate and lead others, gained new cross-cultural skills, and acquired a greater tolerance for ambiguity. I have become more open-minded, grown my appreciation for other perspectives, become a more critical thinker, developed my self-knowledge and self-confidence, and increasingly have become more assertive. Through travel and exposure to new experiences, perspectives and people, I have become a more adequate, stronger, and self-dependent version of who I was when I began my journey abroad. I will forever be thankful for my experiences. 

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Salamanca, Spain

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